I just watched Unbroken, which echoed a lot of the fighting spirit that I hope to build more, and in some part, was stubbornly born with. So I wrote this as my parting thoughts for 2014.


When you share less, they want more.
When you share more, it’s too hard core.
When you buckle, they ask you to stand firm.
When you stand firm, they say you are too stubborn.
They celebrate strong souls in retrospect, in history.
In mausoleums, in cinemas, in the streets.
But they harass those very souls when they encounter them in front of their feet.
It’s myopia. Their vision, is but a few inches deep.
They are dazed, they are stunned, they are followers en masse.
You don’t worry about their creed, race or class.
Challenge everything, fight on, stand for what you believe.
It’s hard, it’s tiring, I know you want to take leave.

But would there really be a point to be alive just to exist?
Everyone can exist, but only few live a life worth its risks.
Who choose to rip their hearts out, wear them on their sleeves and resist.
Resist the oppression, the desensitizing, the brainwashing, the sheepherding.
Resist with intention, counter with flow.
Keep your head held high and your gaze low.


2014 brought me awards, notoriety, travel, opportunities to give back, respect. Sure, it was at the cost of a lot of hard work, time, energy, conflict, envy, separation, loss. But it brought me onward and upward. Thank you for that. Thank you for making me stronger. Masha’Allah, alhamdulillah.

For 2015, here is my wish.
Health, respect, love & opportunity. Family, friends, peace, patience.

I will aspire every day to be more proactively patient and to give people the benefit of the doubt. It is going to be a hard balance to do that and to still follow your instincts and be firm for your beliefs. But the success is in the challenge, I guess.

Have yourselves a Happy New Year, or as they say it in my speak, Naya saal mubarak!

And please, travel, read, explore. Go see, watch, learn something you don’t know. Get uncomfortable now! Grow. That’s living. At least to me. 🙂