I wasn’t ready to say goodbye,
But I had nothing left to say,
Your touch was unsettling,
But the effect was fading away.

We could have kept going on,
There was enough common ground,
But we were each standing on either side of a crack,
And the ground was screeching on.

Was it worth the plunge,
Was it worth the uprooting,
Neither you knew nor I
If the steps were worth taking.

What if it were all a mirage,
What if we got there and there was nothing,
We were free but not fee enough to be fine with nothing,
We weren’t as brave as we set out to be.

For we were learning freedom wasn’t free,
And that there was comfort in comfort,
And too much fear in uncertainty,
But hold on, for we haven’t given up in our philosophy.

Maybe we are just open to life flowing,
To the waves and storms in its journey,
For maybe it will reaveal itself in all its glory,
That union of peace and freedom; that magical epiphany.