The movie Like Crazy is a very sensitive take on the make up and the break up of passionate love. This is how I feel after watching it. Shitty, touched and really naked.

You know those splirts of romance, lust and crush that you have growing up. Whether it is a few days, or months or years, when every time you see this one person, you feel this uncontrollable force of gravity dragging you towards one another. That connection, that “soulful pull”, the resonance of two souls, when you don’t even know someone but there is something there, some random motion of particles between you that is telling you not to walk on, not to look away, not to move on. It is all a mirage, isn’t it? When you try and get where you have wanted to be from the day you saw them, it isn’t there anymore. That magic, that sparkly dust of passion and emotion and highest intensity flirtation.

What is it about relationships that causes those “butterflies” to go away? Those addictive butterflies that make you want to break up and make up over and over again. I mean, how many of us have guessed that the quiet couple over in the corner of the restaurant, must be married. Monogamy seems almost unnatural to life and our physicality, by the mere fact that we can get attracted to so many people in our life times.  It is children, society and rules of succeeding and being accepted in the civil world that seem so cagy and claustrophobic.

Sometimes you feel that you found “the one” for you but then it seems that anyone you would be with, would ultimately become mechanical because all those things you once found exciting are behavioral now, all those compliments have been heard before. How do you keep a relationship fresh? Just move on to further goals. Marriage? Kids? A house? What else? These are all distractions to the fact that “true, butterfly-creating love” doesn’t exist in the long-term. It has a short shelf life. IT is there just enough for one to move on to the next step of the evolutionary cycle.

So, I wish the world would stop packaging love as this “forever, and ever” crap and just see it for what it is. Two people who have more in common than not, and some physical chemistry that may or may not die out, have decided to share their lives together. Let’s not package it to be more fancy than that.