So I heard Mr Bruce Hoffman, Georgetown’s counter-terrorism expert talk about how after the Bombay attacks, “we will be studying the terrorist methodology” in West Point and we have to RETHINK the whole terrorism planning strategies because they have surprised us.

My questions are:

– What the **** have you been doing with all this defence money and wars and military and intelligence if the terrorists still take you by surprise every single time?

– It is like their plan is working and they are putting the entire world to war, making the entire world spend on defence and research as they continue to move ahead and strike while we are too busy talking and strategizing and pointing fingers in all wrong directions.

– There was also mention of counter-terrorism has to rethink strategies in nuclear and biological warfare and the Obama administration will have to think of “germ warfare”. Is this really what we have evolved to? Is this really what we have spent so many resources on to develop machinery to go out into space, discover life on Mars to end life on Earth? We the humans…the “so-called superior” race are going to self-eliminate our brilliance, our achievements. Oh, let’s learn to clone beings, let’s do stem cell research to save people so we can kill them with germ warfare!!!

– All I can see if there is a potential Indo-Pak war (which would break my heart as I love my country and respect India and Indians many of who are an integral part of my life), is that the enemies of both countries will conquer..yet again…whoever they might be, Islamic extremists, Hindu extremists, Jewish extremists or extremists period.

Why then can we not rise above this finger pointing and really think who is to gain from all this? Neither country, right? Or are there some possible gains which anyone is welcome to point out to a blind and disillusioned Iram this morning?

All I can see is that whatever this terror beast (which disheartens me is using the name of my enlightened faith) is WINNING every time.

After 7 freaking years of bloodshed and war, America has still not defeated Islamic extremism in Afghanistan (well that’s because daddy Bush needed to take personal revenge from Saddam and distracted the whole wild world from the issue at hand again). What about all those innocent people, those young soldiers (many of whom don’t even personally agree with all this anymore) who die and those brainy experts who sit and analyze these political acts day in and day out? Do you not also feel fooled like I do every morning? Do you not think there is a bigger plan at work which none of us are explained? Do you not feel there is a BIG BEAST behind the curtains laughing at the way we react and the way we are destroying our own incredible races?

I mean the Pakistani taliban chief, Behtullah Mehsud (who in the news was dead a couple of months ago!) resurfaces to tell Pakistan to shift its army towards the Indian border as the Taliban will ceasefire to sit on the sidelines and the bleachers and cheer on this war? I mean it is INSANE…doesn’t anyone else see the absurdity? How can enemies just “peace out”, call a “timeout” and talk about something entirely separate but not call “timeout” to talk about their matters. It is all such a DRAMA! How can al-Qaeda declare in the news that we did or didn’t do this attack but when it comes to finding them, we are at loss…they access us all super easy thanks to ITech but we can’t use all our tech to access them. There is such an ironic chaos yet organization in everything. I am going insane with the ironies!!!

When airlines get stricter, a terrorist plants a shoe bomb
When the entire world’s shoes are taken off during security checks, they start mixing fluids to make bombs
When the entire world is not allowed to take a deoderant or perfume on board, they figure something else out!

They are clearly AHEAD and we are nipping not even at their heels. What then I ask will further war and escalation achieve but give them victory after their so called sacrificial deaths? Go on, let’s give them more victory, let’s make them win even after we feel we have defeated them by killing them which in their eyes is personal and spiritual victory anyway…