The older we get, the less we are sure of things…maybe because we have seen so much and seen so many exceptions to those “rules” ingrained in us by parents, societies, religions that everything is fully right or wrong..that nothing is fully right or wrong anymore, there is always room for explanation. Decisions are circumstancial and so it is very scary and harsh to be judging others as right or wrong.

However, in America, I have found that people consider “opinion” to be a sign of strength and wisdom. Funny enough, after finishing my master’s program I was more confused about Hollywood and had less opinions than I had going in. Maybe because I am still in the breaking apart and putting it all together phase.

Maybe that is what it is. You are born, you are young, you seem to know an answer but you are challenged based on inexperience, so you defer to life, to experience things and then come to the same conclusions you came to when you were a child…but in the process, since you broke everything apart and tried to figure it out, people see your “same” answer as different as you paid your dues, you jumped through the fire.

How unfair, how inefficient, but these are the ways of the world. We judge, we force ourselves through unnecessary, inefficient pathways to justify our credits, our talents and our achievements. These are checks and balances for society…necessary but taxing and wasteful at times.

Also, maybe life is just never enough time to break it apart and put it back together again so maybe that’s why children can see things much more clearly than adults…