Hey Everyone

So I have finally come by someone who is doing grass roots work in Pakistan that I trust and want to help. Her plight is that starvation and the lack of ability to feed oneself and one’s children is the root cause of crime and depression in society. Her turning point in life was when she heard of a woman who had to kill her two children and then herself because she was unable to provide for them. Just imagine the plight of a mother…how desperate must she be.

In the month of this blessed Ramadan, I am starting this task to collect however much money I can to buy flour for Ms Parveen Saeed’s Khana Ghar (Food house) and deliver it to her personally if I can, the next time I head to Pakistan (insha’Allah).

I am not making a group and inviting people as I don’t want people to feel forced to do this but just think, even if you can donate a quarter or 50cents, I will take it.

$1 will feed 30 people once a day!

This woman is doing a remarkable deed in a time when our governments should be addressing these challenges.

Unfortunately there is no direct donation on their site but feel free to contact them directly. However, if you want someone you know to physically take their donation to them (which is how I often feel and which is why I am undertaking this), please contact me. Their website is:


So either email me at parveenshahproductions@gmail.com or just facebook me or just mail me a check or give me your donation when you see me in person.

For checks:

Iram Parveen Bilal
120 South Chester Avenue, Apt # 6,
Pasadena, CA, 91106

Thank you for your time, positive energy and your donations.

Bless you all and bless people like Parveen who still inspire hope in this world.